Training of Trainers Workshop on Flyway Approach to the conservation and wise use of water birds and wetlands

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The training workshop aimed to enhance local training capacities with regard to conservation and sustainable use of migratory waterbirds and their key wetland sites was held in the Kenozersky National Park from 23 to 27 September 2014.

The workshop was organized under the Project “From the Arctic to Africa: migratory birds connecting wetlands and people” funded by the Arcadia Fund for the educational staff of protected nature areas located in Northern European Russia.

This training course was designed on the basis of the Flyway Training Programme developed by Wetlands International and partners under the Wings over Wetlands Project. Dr. Tim Dodman and Dr. Gerard Boere are the principal authors of presentations and training materials. All these materials are now available in the Russian Language.

The workshop was organized in two modules:

– Understanding the flyway approach (main characteristics of migration and flyways, the role of key sites in supporting the different life stages of migratory waterbirds, and the diverse threats along the flyways); and

  • – Applying the Flyway Concept (overview of different conservation actions relevant to flyway approach, skills to apply flyway conservation practice and strengthen networks).

The programme of 5-day workshop included lectures (based on Power Point presentations), group work, exercises, a role play and one-day field excursion to wetlands.

The training course provided not only technical information, but also teaching materials, skills in training and communication to ensure effective delivery at local level.The course was attended by 18 people representing the nature reserves, national parks and other conservation organizations of the Arkhangelsk and Murmansk Regions, Karelia and the Nenets Autonomous Area.

The participants were provided with training materials to design and deliver training courses specifically targeted to the needs of various groups of stakeholders in their locations.

The course was led by Dr. Alexander Solokha, Wetlands International’s expert, and Dr. Pavel Kvartalnov, Lecturer from Moscow University.

Photo credit: Vladimir Andriyanov