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Case study

The Lodkinsky Mokh peatland is part of a large peatland system located at the second fluvial terrace above the Volga floodplain. The peatland is situated on a slope towards the Ivankovo reservoir (the Moscow Sea) and covers over 2,000 ha to zero depth. Most of the area has been drained, with its central part partially or completely cutover.

The petland was exploited from 1929 to 2004, first by the Izoplit Peat Production Enterprise, later by the Ozeretskoye Peat Production Enterprise. Peat was extracted by milling in the southeast and northwest parts of the peatland, and later by sodding in its central part. This was taken into account in positioning of hydraulic facilities. Presently, the peatland has been growing over naturally. Due to water shortage, fragments of the upper peat layer have regularly caught fire.

The pilot site proposed for rewetting covers 1,000 ha in the northwestern portion of the area where vigorous peat extraction used to take place. Most of the site is a raised bog with only a small fen in its southeastern part.

In 2016, activities were taken to develop a rewetting design for the Lodkinsky Mokh pilot site, including the collection of all information about the peat deposit that was available from the Russian Federal Geological Fund (Rosgeolfond), and detailed information on land ownership.

The next stage involved field studies on the current status of the site’s ecological character, and of the drainage and water supplying networks in the peat extraction area.

The survey involved studies into vegetation, road network, uses of the site by local inhabitants, presence of beaver dams and other aspects that could considerably affect rewetting process and results. The information obtained was plotted on several thematic maps. Grade lines and cross lines profiles of the water supply network and water receivers were processed as well.

Based on the survey, they developed a technical part of the rewetting project that includes selection and description of hydraulic facilities, positioning of these on the site map, sequence of building operations, and calculation of the total earthwork content.

Rewetting results were calculated for both the rewetting site and adjacent areas. Possible adverse effects of rewetting were assessed as well. The rewetting design stipulates that 336 fixed peat dams and 22 bypass-dams must be constructed at the site. A bigger overflow dam will be installed on the main ditch diverting water to the Ivankovo Reservoir. Rewetting activities as such are planned to be implemented at the site in 2017, with funding from the Zavidovo Development Company.