Wetland Inventory In Russian Federation

Since its establishment in 1997, the Wetlands International-Russia Programme Office has been implementing a long running national wetland inventory programme.

A wetland inventory provides information on the location, type, condition, functions and values of the wetland resources. This information helps to set priorities for wetland conservation and provides the basis for policy decisions and management actions.

Publication series on wetland inventory

The results of the wetland inventory programme include the publication of ‘Wetlands in Russia’ series and the development of a National Wetland Database. So far, six volumes of the ‘Wetlands in Russia’ series have been published, with the first four in Russian and English versions.

Volume 1

Volume 1 contains information on the 35 wetland sites designated by the Decree of the Government of the Russian Federation, issued on 13 September 1994, for the List of Wetlands of International Importance under the Convention on Wetlands (Ramsar, Iran, 1971). The total area of the Ramsar sites is 10.3 million ha. These sites support large populations of water birds, up to an estimated total of 10 million birds at the end of the breeding season.

Volume 2

Volume 2 provides information on 51 important peatland sites covering over eight million ha. These peatlands play a key part in regulating hydrological and climatic conditions over extensive areas, support rare and endangered species of plants and animals, and provide representative examples of mire types characteristic of the tundra and taiga biogeographical regions.

Volume 3

This volume contains descriptions of 166 wetland sites, which are presently on the Ramsar Shadow List of the Russian Federation. The total area of these sites is nearly 44 million ha. These wetlands include 33 different wetland types, following the Ramsar classification system.

Volume 4

Volume 4 contains descriptions of 37 wetlands, with a total area of c. 3.7 million ha, located in Northeastern Asia. This volume presents the first example of a detailed wetland inventory compiled for a major natural region of the Russian Federation. Twenty four out of 37 sites covered by the inventory are recommended for inclusion in the Ramsar List.

Volume 5

This book provides information on wetlands located in southern Far-Eastern Russia, including 33 wetland sites, with a total area of 68,273 km2, which have qualified as internationally important against the Ramsar Convention criteria. This volume has been compiled and published cooperatively with WWF Russia.

Volume 6

Volume 6 contains descriptions of 53 wetland sites, with a total area of c. 11,245 km2, located in the Caucasus Region of the Russian Federation. The volume has been published with the financial support of the Critical Ecosystem Partnership Fund and World Wide Fund for Nature through the project Inventory of Internationally and Nationally Important Wetlands in the Russian Caucasus Region.

The collection of data and publication of regional inventories will be continued.

National Wetland Database

 All published and unpublished information is stored in the National Wetland Database. This is a data management system built on a computerized database using Microsoft Access, which is based on standard Ramsar datasheets. This database is linked to the ArcView map database providing two levels of analysis: at 1:1 000 000 and 1:250 000 scale.

Part of the National Wetland Database (with information on the 35 Russian Ramsar sites) has been made available online at the website of the Biodiversity Conservation Center (www.biodiversity.ru/wetlands).  


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