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08-Dec-2016, views: 898

In accordance with its environmental responsibility policy and promoting sustainable development in its member states, the International Investment Bank (IIB) has provided a grant to support the implementation of the second phase of the project “Restoring Peatlands in Russia – for fire prevention and climate change mitigation”.

06-Oct-2016, views: 1102

Workshop participants got an insight into peatland management, conservation, and restoration in Russia and worldwide.

They were made aware of outcomes of the Project "Restoring peatlands in Russia – for fire prevention and climate change mitigation" that were obtained in 2012–2016 and then discussed follow-up priorities of peatland restoration, conservation, and wise use activities in Russia that facilitate mitigation of and adaptation to climate change.

21-Dec-2015, views: 1880

In January 2016, tens of thousands of people across the world will participate in the 50th count of the International Waterbird Census (IWC). The IWC is a long-term programme for monitoring the status of water birds in the non-breeding season. The Census was launched by the International Wetlands and Waterfowl Research Bureau (the predecessor of Wetlands International) in 1967, and since then, it is conducted annually in mid-January. It is based on a network of thousands of volunteer and professional waterbird counters and their National Coordinators.

13-Oct-2014, views: 2952

The training workshop aimed to enhance local training capacities with regard to conservation and sustainable use of migratory waterbirds and their key wetland sites was held in the Kenozersky National Park from 23 to 27 September 2014.

25-Aug-2014, views: 3315

Thanks to an active and laborious fire-fighting operation the recent peat and forest fires in Tver Province were localised and the region was saved from events becoming as dramatic as in 2010 when dense smoke haze covered the city of Moscow for weeks. Still, the region’s economy and ecology again suffered severely from the fires, as well as the climate.

Wetlands International argues that restoration of degraded and abandoned peatlands, is one of the key solutions to avoid often reoccurring dry weather related fire events, and to reduce the release of huge amounts of peat-related carbon emissions. 

26-Mar-2014, views: 3191

Under the Arctic to Africa Project, Wetlands International has launched a flyway-linked exchange programme that focuses on strengthening the capacity of wetland managers and other key stakeholders that have a shared interest in the conservation of migratory birds which connect them.

24-Oct-2013, views: 3092

Ilyina, L. V. and Ye. O. Pylenkova. 2013. Methodology for creating visitor centres in nature reserves, national parks and other nature areas: designers work experience. Wetlands International Russia Publication (In Russian). 20 pp.
The subject of this publication is the authors' experiences with developing the concepts of visitor centres and eco-trails in protected nature areas of different types. It is targeted at a wide audience, including those that have the intention of establishing a visitor centre or a wetland centre, plan to renovate an old natural history museum, design a network of walking trails, a child-friendly exhibit or a play area. This publication contains the detailed description of the steps they will go through to plan the concept development process, the practical examples and tips to avoid common mistakes. The recommendations are illustrated by the authors’ photographs and drawings.
The authors would like to thank the non-commercial organization of Zapovedniki EcoCentre, which provided them with an opportunity to participate in the relevant projects and prepare design materials illustrating this publication. PDF

Financial support: Matra Programme of the Royal Netherlands Embassy in the Russian Federation. ISBN 978-5-906219-05-03

26-Jun-2013, views: 3549

 The four-day training workshop on adaptive management organized for the project participants from Russia and Senegal in the Wetlands International Headquarters in Ede, the Netherlands, became the first international event under the project “From Arctic to Africa”.

30-May-2013, views: 154


The workshop was organized by the Wetlands International–Russia Programme in cooperation with the Ministry of Natural Resources and Environment of the Russian Federation under the Project “Establishing a network of educational wetland centres in European Russia to promote wetland conservation through the development and implementation of a СЕРА (Communication, Education, Participation and Awareness) Action Plan” with financial support from the Matra Programme of the Royal Netherlands Embassy in the Russian Federation.


31-Jan-2013, views: 4095

 New Publication: Sirin, A. A. (ed.). 2013. Wetlands of International Importance in Russia. Moscow: Wetlands International Russia Programme Publication. 48 pp.









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01-Aug-2012, views: 4128

Educational seminar to celebrate the World Migratory Bird Day was held on 14 May 2012 in Arkhangelsk (NW Russia) in Museum of Nature and History.


29-May-2012, views: 3780

The seminar was organized in the lead up to the 11th Conference of the Contracting Parties to the Ramsar Convention on Wetlands, which will be held in July 2012. During the Conference of Parties at least three resolutions will be discussed which propose regulation measures for the conservation of wetlands during subsurface management.


16-Nov-2010, views: 3795

The Secretariat is pleased to announce the completion of translation of a set of key Ramsar documents into Russian, in response to requests by, and in consultation with our focal points in the Russian Federation and other Contracting Parties that were members of the Former Soviet Union, and where Russian is still a widely used language.

More information on the Ramsar site

04-Aug-2010, views: 3599

August 4, 2010. The disastrous forest fires that are currently raging in Russia have led to significant fires in the drained and degraded peatlands. These occur close to Moscow and densely populated areas in Central European Russia. They are causing huge air pollution problems as well as direct risks for the people in the region.

04-Jun-2010, views: 3856

This visitor and education centre was developed with the financial support of the Embassy of the Kingdom of the Netherlands in Moscow through the project on Creation of a Wetland Centre at the Sebezhsky National Park as a platform for management and public awareness activities.


04-May-2010, views: 4033

The workshop was organized by the Ministry of Natural Resources and Environment of the Russian Federation and the Wetlands International–Russia Programme.The workshop was prepared and held with the financial support of the Ministry of Agriculture, Nature and Food Quality of the Netherlands through the BBI Matra Project on Development of a programme for transboundary wetland conservation along the border of the Russian Federation with Belarus and Ukraine.

23-Aug-2009, views: 3216

On the 24-26 of august in Central Forest Biosphere Nature reserve the seminar “Peatlands as objects in education, awareness, environment tourism” took place. It was organized by the reserve itself and International bureau for conservation of wetlands - Wetlands International in the network of the project “Development and introduction of complex management approaches and protection of Russian peatlands” of the program BBI MATRA of Ministry of nature, agriculture and quality of food supplies in Netherlands (LNV). 

30-Jun-2009, views: 3528

 Workshop on Development of a programme for transboundary wetland conservation along the border area between the Russian Federation, Belarus and Ukraine was held in the town of Sebezh, Russia, on 19-20 of May 2009.

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