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Welcome to the website of the Russian Programme of Wetlands International, the only global NGO dedicated to sustaining and restoring wetlands. This is the subsite for Russia of the global website. This site is maintained by our Russia Programme office in Moscow.

This site presents you all our projects, including a clickable map. It also presents all our publications; often free to download.

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Photo: I. Onufrenia
Oka River (Photo: I. Onufrenia)

Latest Global News

Global News
Milk fish and cockles bring returning prosperity
Mumtadar called from the pond where he was setting nets.  Life was good since they planted the mangroves along the dyke, he said.  He caught more fish in his pond, and they grew bigger and quicker. by Fred Pearce
12/20/2014 9:00:00 AM
Global News
Lobster boom on unrecognisable coastline
“The wave was higher than the trees.  The sea came right over the village.  Every building was destroyed, including all 300 houses.   About 180 people were killed, more than half the population.  The only people who survived were those who ran for the hills.”&nbs...
12/19/2014 9:00:00 AM
Global News
When Cut met Clinton
Layeun is famous among the tsunami villages of Aceh.  Bill Clinton came here earlier this year and brought the media.  He called for new help to rebuild the lives of the fishing community whose homes disappeared beneath the waves during the tsunami. By Fred Pearce
12/18/2014 9:00:00 AM


Photo: A. Lipkovich

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