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Welcome to the website of the Russian Programme of Wetlands International, the only global NGO dedicated to sustaining and restoring wetlands. This is the subsite for Russia of the global website. This site is maintained by our Russia Programme office in Moscow.

This site presents you all our projects, including a clickable map. It also presents all our publications; often free to download.

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Photo: I. Onufrenia
Oka River (Photo: I. Onufrenia)

Latest Global News

Global News
Going organic for the climate
By Susanna Tol - Also in the world of climate change, organic is the way to go. I am not writing about organic food here, despite my personal interest in the topic, but about peatlands, which are soils with a substantial layer of organic matter at or near the surface. Well, they are the way to go fo...
12/23/2014 9:00:00 AM
Global News
BLOG: Sustainable peatland management on the horizon in Indonesia?
By Telly Kurniasari & Reza Lubis, Wetlands International Indonesia Back in 2002, Wetlands International together with local partners and communities in Jambi, South Sumatra and Central Kalimantan, brought international attention to the disproportionally high Green House Gas (GHG) emissio...
12/22/2014 9:45:00 AM
Global News
Milk fish and cockles bring returning prosperity
Mumtadar called from the pond where he was setting nets.  Life was good since they planted the mangroves along the dyke, he said.  He caught more fish in his pond, and they grew bigger and quicker. by Fred Pearce
12/20/2014 9:00:00 AM


Photo: A. Lipkovich

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