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Welcome to the website of the Russian Programme of Wetlands International, the only global NGO dedicated to sustaining and restoring wetlands. This is the subsite for Russia of the global website. This site is maintained by our Russia Programme office in Moscow.

This site presents you all our projects, including a clickable map. It also presents all our publications; often free to download.

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Latest Global News

Global News
NEWS: Dr. W.J. Wolff & Ms. Ikal Angelei win Luc Hoffmann Medal
Wetlands International awarded the Luc Hoffmann Medal for Excellence in Wetland Science and Conservation to two individuals on Monday. Dr. W.J. Wolff of the Netherlands won the medal in the category of Scientific Research. Ms. Ikal Angelei of Kenya won the medal in the category of Communication, Edu...
9/22/2014 8:15:00 PM
Global News
PRESS RELEASE: Launch new book “Downstream Voices” by internationally renowned author Fred Pearce.
In the new book “Downstream Voices” commissioned  by Wetlands International, Fred Pearce takes you along his journey to three large river basins in India, Mali and Senegal where Wetlands International improves water resource management and the condition of wetlands to make communiti...
9/22/2014 10:40:00 AM
Global News
NEWS: Wetlands International to award Luc Hoffmann Medal for Wetland Science and Conservation
As part of Wetlands International’s 60 year anniversary celebration, we will award our highest honour at an evening reception Monday 22 September in Rotterdam, the Netherlands.
9/20/2014 10:53:00 AM

Malkachanskaya Tundra

Malkachanskaya tundra (V. Forstmayer)

Onega Bay of the White Sea

Onega Bay of the White Sea in northwestern Russia, southwest of Arkhangelsk (V. Semashko)

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TweetId: 514123305667018752 Wetlands Int. WetlandsInt WetlandsInt Luc Hoffmann medal awarded to W.J. Wolff of the Netherlands & Ikal Angelei of Kenya. Congratulations! http://t.co/tjLVpqQW85 22-09-14 18:45
TweetId: 514123027333017600 Wetlands Int. WetlandsInt WetlandsInt Celebrating 60 Years!!! #wetlandsolutions http://t.co/JXjNmp8777 22-09-14 18:44
TweetId: 514112951968874497 Wetlands Int. WetlandsInt WetlandsInt For the very 1st time, the award of young wetland champion - Stefan Verschure 4 his outstanding dedication to the wetland field of practice! 22-09-14 18:04
TweetId: 514110203651162113 Wetlands Int. WetlandsInt WetlandsInt Congrats Daniel Blanco and Ritesh Kumar of Wetlands international on the staff achievement award! #wetlandsolutions http://t.co/9h4ra1smVF 22-09-14 17:53
TweetId: 514106229225189377 Wetlands Int. WetlandsInt WetlandsInt We have 2 winners! Ms.Ikal Angelei Director of Friends of Lake Turkana AND Prof.Dr. Wim Wolff Professor in marine biology #wetlandsolutions 22-09-14 17:37