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Welcome to the website of the Russian Programme of Wetlands International, the only global NGO dedicated to sustaining and restoring wetlands. This is the subsite for Russia of the global website. This site is maintained by our Russia Programme office in Moscow.

This site presents you all our projects, including a clickable map. It also presents all our publications; often free to download.

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Photo: I. Onufrenia
Oka River (Photo: I. Onufrenia)

Latest Global News

Global News
NEWS: Can wetlands save Saint-Louis from drowning?
Tackling the biggest coastal resilience challenge in West Africa The Senegal River is the second largest river in West Africa and forms the natural border between Senegal and Mauritania for much of its course as it flows west towards the Atlantic Ocean. At the coastal delta it flows past the low ...
10/1/2015 3:05:00 PM
Global News
Aquaculture induced erosion of tropical coastlines throws coastal communities back into poverty
A new article in Science Direct discussing the short term and long term solutions to counter large-scale erosion and subsidence of tropical muddy coastlines.
10/1/2015 12:57:00 PM
Global News
NEWS: Reaction to Shell’s decision to cease further oil exploration in Alaska’s Arctic
Wetlands International welcomes the decision of Royal Dutch Shell to stop Arctic oil and gas exploration in the Chukchi Sea off the coast of Alaska. The position of Wetlands International is that the risks of exploration and production of oil and gas in the Arctic region, especially offshore, are to...
10/1/2015 9:47:00 AM


Photo: A. Lipkovich

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