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Below are all the publications of the Wetlands International Russia Programme in order of latest publish date. Publications are included in both Russian and English in the list, to provide a complete overview. Many of them are in fact in Russian, but also have a summary in English.


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Wetlands, Shorebird and Flyway

As an important part of the "Wetland School Network Programme Popularized in Asian Countries along the East Asian-Australasian Waterbird Flyway", the booklet entitled "Wetlands, Shorebird and Flyway" is characterized by easily understandable language and attractive illustrations used for explanation of wetlands,shorebird and flyway, which is uesful for students to enhance the wetland awareness and encourage them to portect environment and wildlife by their own hands. The booklet is edited and designed by Wetlands International.


生物权利的理论与实践 (Biorights)



Invisible Connections

This book and its wonderful photographs by Jan van de Kam bring to life the dramatic journeys of migratory shorebirds in the East Asian – Australasian Flyway, the importance of their staging sites and the need for international cooperation to maintain this cycle. "Invisible Connections" is a wonderful photographic journey that follows the migration of shorebirds flying from their breeding grounds in the Arctic through East Asia to Australasia. It highlights one of nature's most spectacular phenomena and reveals the surprising and little-known connections that exist between countries, habitats and people through this migration.


June 2007 Report on the Rapid Assessment of Biodiversity and Community around Hongjiannao Wetland, Shaanxi Province; The conservation of the Relict Gull in Hongjiannao Wetland.

 This report is the result from the Rapid Assessment of Biodiversity and Community around Hongjiannao Wetland, Shaanxi Province, directed at the conservation of the Relict Gull in Hongjiannao Wetland. China.


Wetlands: The Cradle of Life

Describes types of wetlands, their benefits, functions and the threats to wetlands.


Brochure on Cradle of life - Chinese

Malaysia programme on the Cradle of life.


Kuala Gula – Getaway to Nature (Chinese)

Kuala Gula – Brochure “Getaway to Nature” (Chinese)


Brochure of Asian Wetland Inventory

Brochure about the Asian Wetland Inventory, in Chinese